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darkside plants like pandora in avatar?

jaddeth below

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It would make sense that they look something similar to that, but of course it's hard to know what those plants would actually look like due to the planets location with the double Suns... Those plants would probably be built similar, but in a way that they can withstand all the UV light.

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Unfortunately we don't really know anything about Darkside except what Khriss tells us in that essay and the scattered things that come out in the first volume of White Sand. The plants might look like that in terms of coloration (as would apparently most other forms of life) but for the specific shapes and such we haven't a clue. Just in terms of their form, some of the plants in that picture wouldn't be out of place on Roshar, a world whose flora and fauna resemble a coral reef that just happens to be above water.

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Ok, that makes sense that the plants biologically resemble Rosharan plant life but I was looking at the luminescencence and thinking that Darksiide flora and fauna would look like glowworms and glowing jellyfish and maybe the water would have some kind of phosphorescence to it. Thats what I guessed it would look like because the Darksiders need some other light besides their sun especially if electricity has not been invented yet. Pandora on Avatar popped in mind because the jungle came alight at night without particularly being as bright as the daytime etc.

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