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Hi All,

I've discovered Sanderson's work through WOT and a glowing recommendation of a friend who's a big cosmere fan.

So far I've read Mistborn (the original trilogy) and both Stormlight books.

During the Mistborn read, I used to bounce ideas and theories with friends but we didn't have a chance to do so for WOR, so here I am... To throw my ideas out there and see how much I manage to get right (from past experience it's not much)..

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Hello! Welcome to the forums! Is your friend here as well?

Mistborn was my favorite series of Sanderson's. If you could be an allomancer or feruchemist, which would you pick?

I look forward to seeing any theories you may introduce, although I'd be wary of spoilers if I was you; I'd recommend keeping largely to the sub forums for each individual series you've read until you finish some of the rest. For your next read, I'd reccomend Warbreaker; it may make a scene from the end of WoR make more sense.

Oh, don't take the cookies! While they help with meeting your daily iron intake, they tend to Ruin your life :ph34r: 

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23 hours ago, Raistlin said:

Thank you both:)


My Friend IS here somewhere but I don't know his username.

I'd be an allomancer. I'm too impatient for anything else..

Warbreaker and Elantris are definitely on the list :)


:D well then wait no further for Warbreaker! http://brandonsanderson.com/warbreaker-introduction/. It's a great read as long as you don't mind being on a computer or phone.

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