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Hello! Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time here!

A few quick questions: Which Sanderson books have you read so far? Which were your favorite? If you could be a twinborn, what type would you be? What if you couldn't use the same metal twice? Why is meaningless text sufficient as your autobiography?

Oh, and if you're offered any cookies, run. They tend to Ruin both appetites and souls

Edit: Nicely done, @KnightRadiant! I'm not ninja'd often :P 

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Heellllooooooo! Welcome to the shard! I take it that the blank space for you introduction is a modernistic statement about the undefinable and everchanging nature of the human existence and character? Because that's got to be the most interesting introduction I've seen so far :P 

Don't worry about not posting here first, I didn't post here at all..... whoops, but shhhh, don't tell anybody

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Well, the first book I read was Mistborn after I saw a classmate reading it. I asked to see the back-of-cover-summary and it sounded cool, so I bought the trilogy a couple of weeks/months later when I remembered that I wanted it. Really enjoyed it, didn't see any of the stuff coming, then read Bands of Mourning next (got it first by accident, then read it anyways knowing it was third) then read AoL and SoS. I knew tWoK existed, but because there was so much info about it on the Coppermind and I saw the page count, I assumed it was really dense so I didn't read it until my bro got it. Read WoR, then Arcanum UnBounded.

-Twinborn combo would either be (Misting/Ferring) Steel/Steel, Steel/Iron (Wax), Pewter/Iron, Steel or Iron/(whatever Mental Speed was)

I put meaningless text as my autobiography because I couldn't think of anything to write that wouldn't end in rambling or a lot of unrelated information jumbled together. My username is the first obscure character that I could think of (The guy Kelsier finds in the pits of Hathsin when 


destroying them after Marsh





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