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Miles Hundredlives and why Trell is Autonomy


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I have been reading through the second mistborn series again recently and stumbled across some pretty good proof that Trell is Autonomy. When people talk about reasons for why Trell is Autonomy they often bring up evidence about how Bleeder said a lot of stuff about wanting to rid Elendel of the establishment and corruption present, but I haven't seen any one bring up stuff related to Miles. After finishing AoL I am more convinced than ever that Trell is Autonomy, and I have some quotes to prove as pretty good proof.


In a Miles viewpoint chapter we get to see his thoughts, and he talks a bit about Trell. At one point he explains:

"He was a man created to have a steady hand and an even steadier mind. Made by Trell, inspired by the Survivor, yet still weak."

This doesn't really say anything about Autonomy, but in the same chapter, when he burns Allomantic gold he says:

"But gold was not completely useless. Just mostly so. Upon burning it, Miles split. The change was visible only to his own senses, but for a moment, he was two people, two versions of himself. One was the man he had been. The angry lawkeeper, growing more bitter by the day. He wore a white duster over rugged clothing, with tinted spectacles to shade his eyes against the harsh sun. Dark hair kept short and greased back. No hat. He’d always hated those. The other man was the man he’d become. Dressed in the clothing of a city worker—buttoned shirt and suspenders over dirty trousers with fraying cuffs. He walked with a slouch. When had that begun? He could see through both pairs of eyes, think both sets of thoughts. He was two people at once, and each one loathed the other. The lawkeeper was intolerant, angry, and frustrated. He hated anything that broke with the strict order of the law, and meted out harsh punishments with no mercy. He had a special loathing for someone who had once followed the law, but had turned his back upon it. The robber, the Vanisher, hated that the lawkeeper let others choose his rules. There was really nothing sacred about the law. It was arbitrary, created by powerful men to help them hold power. The criminal knew that secretly, deep down, the lawkeeper understood this. He was severe toward criminals because he felt so impotent. Each day, life grew worse for the good people, the people who tried, and the laws did little to help them. He was like a man swatting mosquitoes while ignoring the gash in his leg, an artery open and throbbing gushes of blood onto the floor."


From these two viewpoints, we see the man he could have been, a law keeper, like he was before involvement with the Set. We also see the actual Miles, and what he sees wrong with, essentially, what he was in the past. He says that he loathes that the 'lawkeeper' let other choose his rules in the past, and how he now hated anything that stuck to the law and punished others with no mercy. This is the exact rhetoric you would expect to hear from someone who was influenced by Autonomy. Judging by his comments about how he was heavily influenced by Trell, I don't think this is a coincidence, and that Trell is Autonomy.


Let me know what you guys think!

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I think the main problem with Trell being autonomy comes from characterization present in BoM.  Based on what we see in the book, the faction values logic, order, and controlling the world around them to an almost obsessive degree.  In this, they are hypocritical; they chafe at their limitations, but want to control everyone else.  Furthermore, the agent of Trell who confronts Suit dispassionately discloses that they are changing their plans to exterminating life on Scadrial because they are growing too difficult to predict and control- this in particular seems contrary to the idea of Autonomy.  For that matter, it doesn't feel very much like Odium either- if anything, Dominion (though he is dead) is the closest fit of known shards in my opinion.  Even the names used in their cult stinks of an obsession of making sure everything is accounted for and controlled- set, suit, series, sequence, array, etc.  Additionally this is thematically opposite to Harmony's hands-off approach to parenting Scadrial which has been getting a lot of attention in the story; these guys are the other extreme, meddling in and trying to micromanage everything.

Pretty much all of their members have strong rejections of the idea of some things being out of their control.  Suit, for example, goes into denial.  Even when he is completely helpless and at the mercy of another, he tells himself he is finding an advantage, doing something productive.  When Sequence reached the age where she understood her own mortality, she rejected the idea.  The Array with the limp similarly was obsessed about avoiding death.

And Miles.... Miles seems broken.  Like a postman snapping over the idea of a never ending burden, he looked for an alternative solution.  

I'm not really sure at all what Trell is... but my best guesses are a shard we haven't seen, some kind of rogue embodiment of a piece of Harmony, or a whoopsie-daisy collateral effect of something Kelsier and Lestibourne did.

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Autonomy would be the obvious candidate, but it's so like Brandon to present a strong possibility and then subvert our expressions for a twist. I don't know what to think about Trell - based on our current vague information, Autonomy seems like the only real candidate, but we don't know much - that's the problem.

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