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Hi! Brandon Sanderson has been my favorite author for quite a few years (the ordinal number of the furthest planet from the sun in The Drominad System.)

I've occasionally lurked on this forum while looking for theories and information Brandon has given us that isn't RAFO. I reread his books often and I now I'm wondering why I hadn't made an account earlier!

I finished reading Arcanum Unbounded last night, and the White Sand section made me want to reread the manuscript of White Sand again, as it's been a while. While rereading the manuscript I came upon a name that I now realize has a lot more significance in the Cosmere than I thought, and that spurred me to scour the internet for more information; which ultimately led me here :^)


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Welcome! The White Sand Prose forum is http://www.17thshard.com/forum/forum/80-white-sand-prose/ if you haven't found it, it needs a password but the instructions are at the start of the page, just gotta search the Word document. I believe a discussion on the name you're thinking of is active at the moment, second most recent one :)

(If that's not the name, I'll be curious to know what is. White Sand Prose is one of the only books I haven't done a reread).

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Thanks for all the cookies guys!

@Manukos my favorite Sanderson book would have to be The Way of Kings though it's impossible for me to rank any of the others since the worldbuilding, magic system, plot twists and characters in the rest are simply superb.

@Extesian thank you for linking the forum!

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