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How to not use the mobile site


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I hate mobile websites.  Is there any way you can restore my ability to access the desktop version from my phone?  Most sites I can request the desktop site, but I can here.  Any way you could help chaos?


Issues include lack of functionality, including the removal of the question when you try to enter the protected forums for unpublished works.  Only the answer box shows up.

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Sorry, it's a responsive design, so this cannot be done. Screen size is the factor. Please enumerate all lack of functionalities you see and I can work on it. The mobile site is very fully featured but there may be some minor things. Please do enumerate! :) 

The reason why you can't request a desktop site is because there are not two separate sites: it is just one site that adapts to your screen size. 

EDIT: Just as a note though, if you clicked the protected forums even on the desktop site it doesn't show the question. That is because the forum software is not design for a question and answer type thing for passwords. The passwords are in the forum description and if you go up a level, say in the White Sand board, the forum description of White Sand (prose) is definitely there. There is actually no difference in functionality there between the mobile site and desktop site; you'd still need to be able to look at the forum description on one view and then type the password on another view. So that, at least, is not a distinction between the mobile and desktop sites.

If there are other lack of functionalities you spot I am happy to investigate. I would generally say in my experience almost all things on desktop are on mobile, including many advanced moderation tools. Sometimes things turn into icons and are positioned slightly differently, but it is really quite full-featured. One main example of something that is "lost" is that the mobile version doesn't display sigs for clarity's sake. 

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Have you tried switching the mobile browser to "computer version". All popular browsers have this option, maybe named a bit differently. Maybe it'll help?

Edit: yep, it works in Chrome on my Galaxy S6


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