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Shardkeepers Podcast: Arcanum Unbounded Essays


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I liked the brief discussion of Khriss' observation that "Indeed, I believe that the very landscape itself has become Invested to the point that it has a growing self-awareness, in a way unseen on other planets in the cosmere". As was discussed, the earthquake that caused the Reod was not natural, see WoB from 12/6/12 at http://www.theoryland.com/intvmain.php?i=988



You’ve told us that the earthquake was not caused by natural events.


Yeah, it’s a complicated question because the earthquake was not caused by natural but the Reod was a natural effect of the earthquake, then... does that make sense? So the Reod is natural, a natural result of... does that make sense? That’s why it was a tricky question.


But the earthquake was not natural.


No, it was not.


So the Reod is a natural reaction to an unnatural occurrence.




And wasn’t it because there was like magical strain on the land?


That is certainly part of what was going on.


So this made me think the land itself deliberately caused the earthquake (maybe not with a highly intelligent level of awareness, perhaps closer to animal instinct).

I see two possibilities. 1) the land is self-aware enough to protect itself and for some reason had a problem with the level of magical advancement (or use of investiture) by Elantrians. 2) that the land on Sel is becoming self-aware but with its 'personality' corresponding to the Shard that has the strongest regional influence there, and that the Dominion-land wanted to overthrow Elantris prior to it (Jaddeth?) launching an invasion (a la two tectonic plates sliding across each other, but in this case one of the plates deliberately moving itself).

I see 2 as more likely though I'm not sure that parts of the land would be Dominion and parts Devotion, as opposed to an roughly even blend across Sel.

EDIT - P.S. I hope I wasn't supposed to spoiler-mark that? I'm not 100% on which forums require spoilers...

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You were talking about Investiture in the Cognitive Realm on Sel and some analogies to Roshar. I am really not sure, whether Honor's Investiture wasn't pulled into the Cognitive Realm there, too. After all, we don't know, if Surgebinding is restricted to Roshar or not (Elsecalling perhaps not?). Spren - Splinters of the Shards - are said to have cities and stuff in the CR, the Stormfather, essentially Honor's cognitive shadow roams around, and so on. The Highstorms are probably pre-shardic on Roshar, and very certainly pre "Honor is dead", so the Highstorms and their origin might just have been a carrier for the Investiture in the physical realm. Since Highstorms are said to be represented in the Cognitive realm as well (some WoB, but don't know where anymore), in them Investiture can transcend from the CR into the PR (moving perpendicularity?) or the other way around. We'll have to see how massive Highstorms are in the CR, but it might be that most of Honors Investiture is also located in the CR now.

Ok, in your Roshar section, you theorized that most of Honors Investiture is in the Highstorm in the physical realm. Wouldn't that make Surgebinding even more localized than the Aon-Dor, so Elsecalling to other planets would get impossible?

I kind of like the idea, that every Herald got his own Damnation but I don't think it is likely. Those planets are said to have minimal representation in Shadesmar. At least Talns planet should have a remarkable signature in Shadesmar during the last 4500 years if he were tortured there (Heralds to take their Honorblades with them, if they die, right?)


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I loved the podcast. You people rock!!

If you guys are doing another podcast, can you address this weird thing observed in the individual star charts - Is there any significance in only some star systems having asteroid belt, dwarf planet and comet belt (or some combination thereof)?

I think the color of the stars in the star chart is significant. The color of a star comes from the temperature of its surface. The hottest stars are blue, cooler stars are white and yellow, and the coolest stars of all are red.


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