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[WoB] The God Beyond and the Beyond


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The concept of the God Beyond has been bugging me for some time, and I finally got a sharable answer from Brandon via Reddit message: 



The God Beyond means, basically, the God who lives in the Beyond. The Beyond is a term for the place where souls go after death--in Secret History, it's the place they stretch and get drawn too. So the God Beyond would reference a God who is beyond our understanding, beyond the places even the Shards can see. In the Beyond.

It is only a theory in the cosmere. Nobody has proof of a God Beyond. But it would be monotheistic God, instead of the way god sometimes refers to the Parshendi Gods or even Honor/Cultivation, which implies more of a pantheon of very strong beings. 


I think this clarifies the relatinship between the God Beyond and the Beyond. A problem solved!

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