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Just wanted to pose a few questions about the "Allomantic Grenades", or the Ettmetal cubes that could simulate Allomancy (and Feruchemy).

First, when the cube is first used, it is "Invested" with Chromium Allomancy, draining Wax's stores.  However, I noticed that the cube does not touch Wax, as would be necessary with a Leecher.  So why does it work?

Later, when Wax is experimenting with it, the cube uses steel Allomancy as a filter for the power of the Ettmetal, but the cube somehow has the pushing power to move Wayne's metal belt and Wax's shotgun.  Does the cube then replicate Wax's push force instead of using its own mass?  Also, if it were using steel Allomancy wouldn't it be pushed out of Wayne's hand?  If it does replicate Wax's push, could he increase his weight, then charge the cube with steel Allomancy, giving it a greater push force?

Though it does not specifically mention the cube, it is probably a similar device, but the Set gets the ship to store its own weight so that it is lighter and easier for the ship to take off.  There are a lot of implications here.  Is the weight of the ship stored in a certain place?  If the device is started in the same way by performing the Feruchemy, and could you use the device to make the ship heavier as well, or only if you had previously stored the ship's weight?  Could someone store the ship's Identity then, store weight, creating an Identity-less metalmind of the ship's weight that the person could then use?  If the ship can store weight, how would other things, such as health work with the ship?

This topic is mostly to spur conversation and the flow of ideas about these curious devices, so let me know what you think...

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I don't remember the exact circumstances when the cube Pushes Wayne's belt and Wax's gun, but there could have been stuff all around it to Push, since it Pushed out in all directions. That would explain why it wasn't repelled; it had other stuff to brace against.

I was confused a bit too about the Leeching cube not touching Wax, but maybe that's just how Ettmetal works. The spoiler Weltall posted could explain how that's possible, if not why. It could have interesting consequences for other powers, like Nicrosil.

Edit: Also, the Set never manages to figure out how the weight storing works. I think you meant the Southerners. I'm assuming they use Ettmetal and Feruchemy, somehow.

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22 hours ago, Weltall said:

We actually got some very interesting information out of one of the signings which helps explain some how this technology works: The short version:

  Reveal hidden contents

The 'Ettmetal' that forms the core of the technology is Harmonium, aka a 'god metal'

Oh great!  I had assumed something like this, but I did not realize that it was confirmed yet, thank you!

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20 hours ago, Eki said:

Edit: Also, the Set never manages to figure out how the weight storing works. I think you meant the Southerners. I'm assuming they use Ettmetal and Feruchemy, somehow.

On page 401-402 of BoM it mentions the Set using the weight storing for the ship:


"...a technician ran up to him [Suit], bearing the red uniform of the Set's Hidden Guard.

'My lord,' the man said, proffering one of the medallions.  'You'll need this.'

Suit took it and rolled up his sleeve to strap it to his upper arm.  'Is the ship operational?'

The man's eyes lit up.  'Yes sir!  The machinery is operational, sheltered as it was from the weather.  Sir... it's amazing.  You can feel the energy pulsing off that metal.  We did have to send men out to unclog the fans—a few of the Coinshots helped—and we have them moving now.  Fed is down below, priming the weight-changing machinery with her Feruchemy, to lighten the ship.  That should be the last step!'"

Right at the end there it shows that the Set know how to use the weight changing for both the medallions and the ship.

I also wanted to point out that they can feel the energy of the Ettmetal (Harmonium), but I'm not sure how significant that is...

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