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OCD heralds

Mason Wheeler

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So we already know that Shallash, Herald of Beauty, is going around obsessively destroying artwork, Nalan, Herald of Justice is obsessively hunting down proto-Radiants and executing them for violations of the law, and Taln, Herald of War is mindlessly repeating his Heraldic introduction about the upcoming war... but you know what I just realized?

Jezrien, King of Heralds...

His Honorblade is being used to kill many, many kings and rulers!  Coincidence?

Also, any ideas as to what are the other Heralds up to?

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There are people who believe that Kalak was with Nalan at Gavilars Party. They were encountered by Jasnah in the Prologue to WoR.

People also think that Jezrien is the drunk man who Szeth meets at the party in the WoK Prologue. 

There is a very good theory that the Heralds all are mad, and that their madness (except for Taln) consists of them going the opposite to their ideals. Nale has a very weird sense of justice. Ash, Herald of Beauty, destroys art.

As for Kalak and Jezrien, Nale mentions Jezrien drooling in the Lift interlude, which leads us to believe that he has lost his wits, or something in that fashion. The guy identified as Kalak at the party seems very worried, and thinks he is getting "worse".

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