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An Encounter to Brighten Your Day ;)

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So I've been meaning to share this for awhile because this is the first time this has EVER happened to me

At my job, we had a new girl.  We just so happened to be working together for a few minutes so I introduced myself and such.  We started a conversation and she seemed pretty nice, so I asked what she liked to do.

She paused, then said. "I like to read a lot." 

My fangirl senses were now on high alert.  

"What kind of books?" I asked, trying to sound super casual and not like I was hyperventilating with excitement. 

"Oh you know, fantasy and stuff."


"I have to introduce this girl to Sanderson." I thought. 

"Who's your favorite author?" I asked.

She looked really unsure. "You probably don't know him...."

"Just try me, I'm a freak.  I've read a library full of books."


"My favorite author is Brandon Sanderson."

My jaw dropped.  I forgot we were supposed to be working and just stared at her for a few seconds.  I mean, WHAT ARE THE ODDS??  So yeah, now I have a co-worker to discuss the Shard universe with.  XD 

Gives me hope for this world. 

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