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Could Syl be trapped in a gemstone?

Sand Master

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So we know that fabrials are powered by spren trapped in their gemstones. Could any spren be trapped in a gemstone? If so, does that mean that Syl could be trapped at some point? How would that affect the Nahel bond and Kaladin's Surgebinding? Would there be a way for her to break out? Would it be painful for her?

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Here the thing is possible.

But we don't know how the trapping works from the Spren-side. It's possible that the Spren may simply exit...but it stay well in the gem. It's a non-sapent Spren and He may simply see his new "home" as a normal thing. A Sentient Spren maybe may simply choose to exit.

Another possibility is that a Nahel Bond prevent a Radiant Spren to be trapped and bound to a gemstone.

But it's hard to say

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