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I would like to politely introduce myself. To begin I have read the first 6 Mistborn Novels, in the middle of the first stormlight archive book, and I have read steelheart. I love brandon sandersons work, and he is able to include his readers in his works, allowing room for deep thought on issues and ethical problems. I am very glad to partake of this group of fantastic fans. I also love Orson Scott Card, and would even go so far to say that both authors are similar. They each have the intriguing questions, and problems, and engage in theories that definitely involve their fans. I spend most nights reading late, and I participate in debate.

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Welcome! Although I am rather new myself, I feel obliged to offer you a cookie (whatever that means). Have an up vote and enjoy your stay. Orson Scott Card is also one of my favourite authors, he is quite similar to Brandon, but with a more intense writing style. Card's novels, especially the later Ender novels, involve children faced with so many challenges that they break. Which turns out to be fascinating to watch.

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Welcome to our fandom. 

Have a cookie, and an upvote!

Remember the rules: always protect Steris, Allik, and Renarin with your life and never let any harm come to them have fun! 

And don't question the cookies.


Oh, and once you finish the current Stormlight books, read Warbreaker. I have attached the PDF of the whole book (free from Brandon's website). It's a worthwhile read.



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5 hours ago, Mistbornwithakitty said:

Now that I understand the cookie thing, I understand so many things.  XD  You guys are evil. lol

P.S.  SamM, welcome to this crazy forum!  Take the cookie if you dare.  ;)

I believe it was the Dark Alley group that started the whole thing. There are a few of us who try to stop their plan, and recently we've met with some success.

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