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Alcatraz 5 spoiler policy

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Hi guys,

The fifth Alcatraz Versus The Evil Librarians book, The Dark Talent, comes out tomorrow, September 6th. I would like to make a quick reminder about this book regarding spoilers. 

1. Spoiler topics must be in the Dark Talent Spoiler board. 
2. Do not put spoilers in topic titles. 
3. For a period of two weeks--until September 20th--you'll need to mark topics in the Dark Talent board with [DT Spoilers]. In addition, during this period from the 6th to the 20th, you won't be permitted to put any spoilery content on the book outside of the Dark Talent board, even when you hide them with spoiler tags. 

The period where spoiler topics will be in the Dark Talent board will be nine months, after which the Dark Talent board will be merged with the Alcatraz stuff and you will not need to worry about spoiler tags.

I don't imagine we'll have much difficulty here, unlike cosmere books (and especially unlike the chaos of Bands and Secret History). Basically: don't post stuff in General Brandon Discussion or General Discussion regarding this book and we'll be good. 

If you don't follow this policy, we may restrict your posting ability, suspend your account, or ban you. I've been told this is very important to do. 

Anyway, if you have questions, please feel free to ask here. I am cross posting this both in the Alcatraz forum and the General Brandon Discussion board for visibility. 

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