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Wax and Wayne Entrance Strategies?

Radiant Returned

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When trying to make their way into the Set's secret base, Wax and Wayne talk about ways to use their powers or strategies to make their way in. The one they ultimately go with is "Spoiled Tomato", which makes sense because Wax coinshots Wayne a long distance and Wayne can theoretically *splat on impact like a spoiled tomato. But what about the other options they discussed?? I'll list them below

1. Fat Belt (said to be too loud)

2. Duck Under Clouds (Wax in danger of getting shot)

3. Tube Run (requires glue)

4. Banefielder (Need to be able to see better than the twilight/dark they were operating in)

So my two questions are 1. do you think Sanderson actually thought through what all these strategies are and if he DID 2. what are they?? Any ideas?

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1 hour ago, Radiant Returned said:

2. Duck Under Clouds (Wax in danger of getting shot)

I feel like Wax reduces his weight to push himself higher up, possibly as a distraction so Wayne can take out guards?

I think Brandon may have just picked names and a "why it won't work" for most of them. He may have rewritten the scene with an alternate method, but only one idea most likely.

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