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Questions about the ending of HoA

What's a Seawolf?

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Big spoilers obviously.


In the epilogue, in Sazed's note to Spook, he mentions there are two unknown metals to find.  However, based on my understanding of Scardrial at this time and the Ars Arcanum, aren't Atium and Malatium considered two of the sixteen?  Since that is ultimately incorrect, wouldn't there be four new metals for Spook to find?  

Or is Sazed/Harmony still too new to his powers at this point to know about this?

Also, was it ever confirmed anywhere which spikes Marsh doesn't have?  Vin mentions he has over 20.  (Likewise, was it ever mentioned which spike in his torso was forced out during his fight with Vin?  She removes an eye spike, but I believe during the battle she also knocks out another with a push.)

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Atium and Malatinium aren't considered part of the 16 ? i didn't know that if that's true

I doubt Harmony doesn't know, he literally has both forces of Scadrial under his control now that means everything that taps preservations powers and also ruins ofc. It's more to do with his intent Harmony as to why he just doesn't give away what are those metals.


That's the two time metals in the mistborn sequel, i think

and there's the confirmed Harmonium, Sazed's godmetal (like Aitum and Lerasium) that was supposedly some sort combination of the godmetals of Ruin&Preservation but so far we have seen that like ever even in the sequels. It's probably never gonna appear in the 2nd mistborn series i suspect.

Marsh can burn Atium for sure so that take that implication :) I also suspect the "20 spikes" was the count at the start of HoA dunno if Ruin decided to add more spikes with his 1v1 against Elend since he was practically Ruin's champion 

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It seems that Sazed's words can (and should) be taken to mean two more metals and their alloys. This is supported by the opening quote in The Alloy of Law chapter 9: (not a spoiler if you've already looked ahead at the other metals)


"So we aren't sure yet what happened," Waxillium said, sitting on the floor beside the long sheet of paper covered with his genealogical results. "The Words of Founding included a reference to two more metals and their alloys. But the ancients believed in sixteen metals, and the Law of Sixteen holds so strongly in nature that it can't be disregarded. Either Harmony changed the way that Allomancy itself worked, or we never really understood it."

Perhaps the people at that time would have been confused... I'm not sure when the modern Scadrians determined that the God-metals weren't part of the 16.

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Afaik there are some things that Sazed never disclosed to the people as Harmony such as Hemalurgy although he mentioned that Hemalurgy was a tool by the old gods but never specified the details(as to why Wax only learned about it through Spooks autobiography)

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On 8/16/2016 at 2:27 AM, Yata said:

Like said, Sazed talked about Chromium and Cadmius the two "new metals". Of course from both of them you may find a Metallic Art viable alloy.

This is the correct answer.


The metals and their alloys (the bold are the "two new metals" and the bold and italics are their alloys, and the italics are not part of the original ten):

Iron and Steel

Tin and Pewter

Chromuim and Nicrosil

Aluminum and Duralumin

Zinc and Brass

Copper and Bronze

Cadmuim and Cerrobend

Gold and Electrum


Atium and Lerasuim are "god metals" and will produce new metals if combined with each of the other 16 metals (this is confirmed at the end of Shadow of Self and the Bands of Mourning), and are thus not considered two of the 16 metals (this includes their alloys, of which Malatium is one [Gold + Atium])

As far as Marsh is concerned: No, we do not have a confirmation of which powers that Marsh has. We know that Marsh was already a Bronze misting, a Seeker, and was given a second Bronze misting spike, and then he was given (probably) all of the other "eight basic metals" from the original series, a spike that allows the burning of Atium, a Gold Feruchemical spike (for healing), a steel Feruchemical spike (for speed), a pewter Feruchemical spike (for strength), and an Atium Feruchemical spike (for age). I believe that is all we have confirmed from what Marsh has used and it accounts for only 13 different powers. There are 16 possible different Allomancy spikes (although this does not include atium) and 16 Feruchemical spikes, so he could have any of the other spikes, assuming that he has not added any since the catasondra)

Marsh also puts his eye spike back in or at least he has in the time period of the Second Trilogy, so I assume that he also puts back his chest spike. 

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