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If you are feeling up to the task then I highly recommend starting with the first Mistborn trilogy. The books are:
1: Mistborn: the Final Empire
2: Mistborn: the Well of Ascension
3: Mistborn: the Hero of Ages

If you would like to start slower/smaller with a standalone book or two then I would recommend:
1: Warbreaker (available for free on Brandon's website)
2: Elantris 

Please note that Elantris was Brandon's first published work and the Mistborn trilogy his second published work(s) so these books are bit less polished then later ones. If you would like to see Brandon at his best then you could always start with his massive, epic fantasy series the Stormlight Archive:
1: the Way of Kings
2: Words of Radiance
3: Oathbringer (2017 release date)

I do not recommend starting with the Stormlight Archive because there are fun easter eggs in that series if you have already read Brandon's other works (notably Warbreaker).

So, Mistborn is my #1 recommendation. Good luck and feel free to ask more questions if you would like more information! Also, please be very careful on this site as there are TONS of spoilers for all of these books in the forums. I would strongly advise you to only post in this intro thread until you have read Brandon's works. These books are sooooo good and you definitely do not want them spoiled for you.

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I would recommend Mistborn. The first trilogy is completed and the second arc is nearly so. In regards to stormlight: how well grounded are you in the fantasy genre? If you have read and enjoyed the Malazan, Wheel of time, and The Prince of nothing series then Stormlight should be easy. If not then be forwarned there is a lot going on and pieces moving.

Also the pacing is a little slow (in my opinion)...I'm sure others will disagree. I had to have a paradigm shift and just enjoy the ride rather than look for rapid plot advancement. Oh and in case you get the wrong idea I love SA, but believe Mistborn is a better starting point.

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My first of his books was Way of Kings (just because it had a lot of reviews on Audible) and it totally blindsided me. Since then I've been reading my way through all of his works. If you like Epic Fantasy, WoK is the place to start. If you like a bit more of a heist / dark-lord-trope-reversal, check out Mistborn. If you want a good stand-alone fantasy book that doesn't commit you to an entire series, try Elantris.

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He also has some non-cosmere books...

The Reckoners Books (Steelheart, Firefight, Calamity,) are good, and The Rithmatist is very well done for a young-adult book.

But I personally recommend starting with Mistborn Trilogy One.  The mistborn books altogether make up most of his works, and the first trilogy is a good starting point, IMO.  Then, if you are interested in the cosmere, go Warbreaker, the Stormlight Archive books, then Elantris, then the Wax and Wayne Mistborn books.

If you really do not care about the cosmere, then I still say read mistborn first, and then after that you just have to make the decisions.  The short stories are mostly just Cosmere stuff, and they are not really pertinent if you do not care for them.  And I have not read those enough times to suggest a reading order for them.

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I actually made a post about this here. You can see a flow chart which books you should read. It's kind of complex, but I'm hoping to slim it down and add more aesthetics someday. There is one short story that isn't listed there, but you don't need to worry about that for sometime, as it's all the way at the end of the Mistborn series.

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