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Finding Dory

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I saw it with the kids last week-end. It was fine, for a kids movie, but I felt it was going in circle towards the middle and the climax was long in the coming. I wasn't initially convinced about Dory as the main character, but turns out she worked out well. Little Dory was adorable, but I had serious doubts about some of the morality they tried to punch through. You do not know how to get out of a situation? No problem. Try the first crazy thing which pops to your mind even if you may die doing it, but it's OK, it is so crazy you will make it :unsure: I wasn't so sure about this bout... I loved how Dory got to be more confident about her abilities towards the end of the movie, but I will severely critic the fact they seemed to have de-aged the character. She sounded much younger in this movie than in the other one, that was strange, to me at least.

So all in all, not a bad kids movie. My little one sure loved it. Grown-up me was bored through some bits and could have used more "made for adults" moments to crack me up a little. The Good Dinosaur was, IMHO, a much better movie.

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Honestly, Finding Dory was everything I could have hoped for in a followup to Finding Nemo. I thought it was utterly adorable, heartwarming, and funny. And "Piper," the short at the beginning, had me almost in tears because it was so cute.

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I saw the movie yeasterday and really enjoyed it :) Part of the charm was the magnificent Polish dubbing... I don't know why, but Polish dubbing for animated movies is always amazing, while Polish dubbing for other movies is usually bad... Anyway, one of my favourite things about Finding Dory is the music ^^ It's main theme is just magical :)


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