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Quotes won't leave


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I see this is a problem on mobile and I can let Invision know of this but it is not a thing I can fix myself. Sorry. This is not a factor on desktop as far as I can tell.

Part of this is the fact that it is trying to save your post in case you accidentally close your browser. But I have no comment on removing quotes. Sorry.

EDIT: I may have found a plugin that would clear the text box, we'll see.

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Try selecting all the text in the quote, and remove it by pressing backspace. Then press enter once to move out of the quote box. This should cause the box to collapse somewhat. Then backspace twice. That's the only way (desktop or mobile) that I can get a quote to disappear.

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1 hour ago, soulcastJam said:

I saw this on desktop, not on mobile. 

If I click on the Quote button for your post, it appears like above with the cursor just below it. When I press Backspace, it removes the line the cursor is at and selects the quote, outlining it. Then I can use either Backspace or Delete to remove it.

Clicking anywhere inside the quote box above or below the quoted text also selects it so that it can be deleted:


Are you unable to select it at all, or can you just not delete it once selected?

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This happens all the time to me. I always use the mobile version - if I'm on a PC, after launching the website I shrink the window to enter Mobile mode because I like the compactness of it. But, when using a different tab of the same browser window for something else, I'll make it bigger again, so I'm constantly going in and out of mobile mode while posting.

If I go to make a post with a quote in it, but then decide not to make the post and cancel it, the post saves and reloads the next time I try to comment. If I click a "quote" button, it'll open the post box with the old quote AND message in it, and the new quote will not be added. If I click the quote button with a reply window open already, it doesn't do anything. No appending, no clearing. If I delete the entire message, write a new one, post the new one, and then click quote/reply again, the quote comes back like a zombie quote. This happens even if I walk away from the computer and come back days later. The only way I've found to get rid of having to delete the post every single time is to simply stop replying to that thread. This doesn't trigger every time, but when it does, it's really irritating.

Also on the subject of quotes and annoying, there are times when I can't enter anything before or after a quote. In order to do so, I have to copy/delete the quote, put some text in, and paste back in the quote in the right spot. The cursor just won't go before the quote box or after it sometimes. Spoiler tags have the same problem, usually more often than quotes.

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