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Shard's Investiture in magic system


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So, we have magic systems, we have Shards and we Investiture [citation needed]. How do pure Investiture come into play into magic systems?

Nohow. Seons don't do anything in AonDor.

AonDor and other systems are powered by Shards' Investiture, like Allomancy. Elantrians become Invested by Shaod, which probably messes with Innate Investiture.

Endowment's Splinters are Divine Breaths, superpowered Breaths equal to 2 000 normal Breaths.

Innate Investiture (which is Breath) is the fuel for the magic System, but Endowment doesn't fuel Awakening like Allomancy is fueled by Preservation.

We don't have any Splinters there, but there are condensed nuggets of pure Investiture: lerasium and atium. Both are metals which can be used in any of the Three Metallic Arts.

Allomancers have a bit more of Innate Preservation in them so they are able to burn metals; godmetals are metals 'outside' of the system and are special.

We don't know about Innate Investiture. Surgebinding is fueled by outside Investiture in the form of Stormlight. What's interesting is that to become a Surgebinder/Voidbringer you have to bond a Splinter; in all of the examples above, Splinters are either something not related to the magic, or something superpowered and outside of the normal system (Divine Breaths/godmetals), but on Roshar they're required to use the magic.

That's strange.

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Personally, I define magic in the Cosmere world as "manipulation of Investiture". Like if magic existed in the real world, it would be a manipulation (or outright breaking the laws) of physics.

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Just to mention:

On Roshar the presence of Splinter is something quite natural, something in the Shardworld makes the Splinter's born extremely easy.

With this scenario, have magic born by Splinter's symbiosis is as natural as for example First of the Sun's bird.

Anyway there is a WoB somewhere about the Internal Magic System and the External Ones... and how they work differently.

EDIT: I found it:



My question is, what 'causes' an effect in the end for Allomancy? You've got Investiture being filtered through a metal, but does putting it through the metal turn the Investiture cause a Steelpush, or is it putting the Investiture through your soul that causes it? At what point do you turn Preservation's Investiture into a Steelpush, or is there no one 'point' where it happens?



Okay, imagine you've got one of those play-dough machines you can stuff with dough, then press a handle on the top to make a little snake-like tube of play-dough squirt out.

Those have appendages you can affix to the front to change the shape of the tube that comes out. The metals are the appendage that determines the shape of the power released, but only certain souls can unlock those metals and use them.



If metals shape the Investiture in Allomancy, causing a Steelpush or whatever, how is it that the mists can be used to perform the same feat? What is 'shaping' the inhaled mists into a Steelpush, if there's no metal "nozzle" to do so?



Consistently through the cosmere, once you have the power in hand and it has permeated you, will becomes your nozzle. This can be seen in Warbreaker, where the power has been distributed and inhabits the people. The nozzle idea is important for Magics that are drawing power externally, as it keeps the power from overwhelming and destroying you. (Which, basically, happened to Vin at the end of the Trilogy--she got consumed by the magic. She became something new, now, so it didn't KILL her. It destroyed what she was, transformed her into something else.)

So you see magics like on Sel and Scadrial where a specific nozzle is needed--as the power source is external, at least with Allomancy. Will and intent take a backseat, though still pop up on occasion. On Nalthis (and in a lesser way, Roshar) will and intent are more important, and what you are trying to do shapes the magic more directly.

A little direct manifestation in this is found in the subtle differences between Allomancy and Feruchemy. In Allomancy, when you enhance the senses, you just get a blast of power--and all senses are enhanced, whether you want them all or not. In Feruchemy, you can be more precise, and pick a specific sense to store. The power is internal here, and therefore more limited in how much you can draw--but you can also be more precise with its manipulation.

Note that Roshar Surgebinding is a special case, as the magical symbiosis there is stronger than it is on other worlds, as much of the magic involves bits of power who have become sapient.


PS: This WoB is only on reddit, maybe it's better to place somewhere in the forum or theoryland for a better reference. To find it now I have to remember a place where it was used in a topic

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1 hour ago, The Ninja Yodeler said:

Soulcasters dont need a bond to use the magic system on Roshar. Not arguing or trying to refute, just throwing that in. But, it is shown to have strange effects on the Ardents that use them often, so maybe there is some sort of exchange/bond happening.

In that case, I think the Bond that happens is between the gemstones/Stormlight, and the fabrial itself. The person using it then gets some overflow, leading to their changes that take place with extended usage, under the same basic principles as savantism with allomancy.


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