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Ending my ghostly existence


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Hi, I’m Erklitt and I’m (almost) new here!

I discovered Brandon’s books just a few months ago, and can’t get enough. I'm already on second and third re-reads of my favorites (SA and Mistborn) for lack of new material, why can't this man write a little faster?  ;)

Have been haunting this site for a while now as an invisible ghost, and finally decided I need to be able to chime in now and then. I very much appreciate the friendly atmosphere!

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Yes please! The ones without hemalugic spikes.

Sorry, don't want to act spoiled. I'll gladly take any kind... (and looking forward to selling those spikes on the cosmere's black market.)

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19 hours ago, EmeraldSlash said:

I  wonder if there is a Brandon Sanderson book generator anywhere?

If there is, he should post the schematics to Pat Rothfuss... :lol:

@Wychmire Hey thanks man!! Those spikes will keep me fed for the next six months at least. (And the cookies themselves for another day.) Pewter, are they? Will fetch top prices...


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