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Heralds' position switched?

roose bolton

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I recently read this thread, then tried to find something in the graph of the Heralds.
Here's what I found. The Heralds' position switched in these graphs...




Then I add Ten Essences and "the curse" to the graph




I had to say it does not match very well... :(


Any thoughts?

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First of all, welcome to the Shard!


The border on the Silver Kingdoms map is a mirror image of the border on the Surgebinding chart, mirrored top-to-bottom. (Starts with Jezrien in the top-right, Nalan below him.) On the chart, there is a clear correspondence between the Herald and the KR Order; Jezrien is closest to Windrunners, Taln is nearest to Stonewardens, etc.


All of the maps in Brandon's books are in-universe documents; I think we know from Word of Brandon that these decorate a cathedral somewhere, but I may be misremembering. Anyways, the importance of symmetry may be the only reason for the arrangement of the Heralds as they are. (Unless each Herald is aligned to a Silver Kingdom... but, no, that doesn't seem to make sense because Taln appeared in Kholinar, and he's nowhere close to it on the map.)


But I'm not sure there's any significance to the order of the Heralds in the image you used. (From the Coppermind, right?) Just looking at Jezrien and going clockwise, they are arranged 1-8-10-2-9. As opposed to the chart, where they are arranged in numerical order. I'm not even sure where the image came from... it looks like it might have been put together by a fan from what Brandon's illustrator put on the web here. (I see some pixellation at the very top, especially, which makes me think it wasn't done by Isaac.) So, the order of the Heralds in the circle isn't necessarily significant... but going counterclockwise from Jezrien on the map is significant, and will line up in numerical order.

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Ah, said image was uploaded by a short time contributor. I should've looked more closely at it to see there were flaws with that circle. Certainly the icons are from Isaac but some other fan built it, and then an editor who no longer does Coppermind stuff uploaded it here. (Or perhaps that editor created it.) Said editor often made mistakes...


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