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The Tragedy of Aplydes


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So my school is doing another 50 word story competition, and I like these things for the amount of experimentation I get to do with them.  Last year I wrote an entire Tolkien-esque epic using only standalone words from which the rest of the story was supposed to extrapolated.  This year, I'm messing around with perspective, blame, responsibility and revealing information.  When reading it, keep in mind two questions.  Who is to blame and are the characters right for doing what they do.  


"Aplydes sunk his dagger into Nestra’s neck, killing her instantly.


A message from god sprawled the wall when Aplydes awoke.

Plyades wrote a phrase then collapsed: I am god. Kill.


Horror crossed Plyades as he watched the woman murder Father.

Agam had never expected his own delusional son a killer."


Feedback is welcome, I'd love to know what you think on it, especially about the two questions I mentioned. Hope you enjoyed!

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