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Hey fellow 17th Sharders!


This site looks big and confusing--not too bad-- but I'm going to do my best to figure it out. If there are some things the veterans learned that I should know so I won't embarrass myself, they would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hey, welcome to the forums! I have a few tips I can give you

  • The 17th shard is a friendly, intelligent forums, so try to only provide criticism if it is constructive or nesecary. Also, try your best to use complete scentences and clear grammar (although judging by your introduction, you're already pretty good at that ;))
  • The Cosmere is the universe containing all of Sanderson's adult novels. The laws of magic within the Cosmere are constant between books, so you'll likely see theories that use evidence from multiple books to support a Cosmere-wide concept
  • The forum uses BB code for formatting. The computer has a formatting widow, but if you're on a mobile device I'd suggest you learn how to use it. It's very similar to HTML, except it uses square brackets rather than triangular ones
  • The little arrows in the bottom right aren't agree/disagree of like/dislike, they're votes that affect rep (that little green number underneath the pictures). Don't downvote a post or theory just because it doesn't match your thoughts, because that's a criticism of their posts intrinsic value rather than its validity.

Couple of questions that might help others give you more advice:

Have you read all of Sanderson's books?

Are you interested in any form of RP or logic games?

Do you like art?

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You will see spoiler tags (hiding either potential spoilers, or large chunks of text/media). You can create them like so:

[spoiler]Spoilery spoilers spoil things here![/spoiler]

Which would result in

Spoilery spoilers spoil things here!

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