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A Song of Dice and Fire


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A roleplaying game which doesn't actually invovle dice (or, presumably, fire), but come on. The pun was too obvious not to use.


Where was I? Ah, yes!


So, we've got RP's starting up for Wheel of Time, Harry Potter, the Reckoners... in that context I figured, "Hey! Why not try and start an RP based around a hit TV show and book series which is wildly inappropriate for most of the 17th Shard's audience!"


...I assure you, it made sense at the time. Anyway.


Anyone interested in maybe doing a Game of Thrones rpg? 


What I was thinking was, setting the game in an alternate version of Westeros where one of the Blackfyre Rebellions actually succeeded. As you might imagine, this has significant repurcussions for the rest of the continent, with some Great Houses being dethroned by their vassals, others maintaining their status, some actually ending up in more favorable positions... and Westeros being ruled by House Blackfyre, rather than House Targaryen.


Why the change? Well, because Martin's plots are pretty damnation plotted, and don't exactly leave a lot of wiggle room if you aren't trying to violate canon. Blowing the side of that ship out from the start seems like the easiest option; from the Blackfyre Rebellion onwards, canon is different, and we can make up what happens without having to worry about how it fits in with X or Y, or what about character Z.


Anyone interested?

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