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Hey guys, I am a thing that exists now... n' stuff.


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I am Aidan. 


I just read the Mistborn trilogy and the sequel trilogy and Secret History. 


Now I am reading Elantris.


Here are some things about me:


I like playing games such as Skyrim and Terraria. I like to draw things like fan art for Mistborn and other drawings. I also like to write. I also like to spew fourth bad puns. 'Do you want to know what makes my day? Earth rotation.' 'Why did the can of pop kill itself? It was sodapressed.' 'Where did Noah keep his bees? In the arkhives.'


Thank you for hopefully reading this.

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I would love some spikes cookies.


But I have a quick question first: Do I gain powers or die?


Mostly you gain powers, but they're not necessarily useful powers.


For example, when I was a newbie, nobody warned me about the cookies and I foolishly took one.  I now have the Feruchemical ability to store and tap maturity.


I'd say ripping a hole in my soul was a steep price to pay, but I'm a ginger and everybody tells me I don't have one.  :ph34r:

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