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Perfect state origin?


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So Ive been finding lots of stuff on Brandons website that seems like it could have ben the original thought that led to some novels/elements of novels much later. This one seems like something that could have stayed in his mind all the way back from 2005 until he wrote Perfect State. 


I find this kind of stuff interesting (don't know if anyone else does) and there's tons of it on the website in the early days of Brandon as a published writer.

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Here's one I found that sounds like one of the seeds that became the Legion series.  It seems very similar, except for the obvious difference of this being physical clones instead of hallucinations.  He's often talked about Legion being inspired by Dan Wells' schizophrenia book they were working on in their writing group.  He probably merged the schizophrenia idea with the aspects idea and found it was strong enough for a full story.


Thought I'd put this in a reply here since you've been looking through all these old posts, and I didn't want to make a new thread.

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