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I'm looking for some feedback for a Sandersonian-style fantasy epic. Here's the basics:

1) On several planets, giant pools of liquid and gas are being activated called Wells. These Wells start altering the chemical structure of the inhabitants of the planet, granting them magical powers. Each time a Well turns on, the same person is seen in the vicinity. He is referred to as The Wanderer. On some planets, people appear seeming to try and track him.

2) The Wells seem to be made by a single person

3) The story follows the people on the planet as they react to the sudden new powers. One planet has a form of magic already, but that is due to an already-active Well. I have three planets so far: One centered around a 1920's era mob war in a fractured country of city-states, one centered around a nigh-uninhabitable desert planet where strong are revered and the lowest class is the accountants, and one centered around a race war perpetuated by a race oppressing another with religion. When the religion is discredited, rebellion breaks out. This is the planet that already had magic. 

4)  There is a reason for the Wells and The Wanderer, as well as the fact humans are everywhere. 


Any feedback you have is appreciated. 

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