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hopping on board the Sandertrain


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I'm a little too lazy to read, so I'm only just now finishing WoR.  


Just now starting Elantris....  Other books are on the horizon when I figure out how to turn off the TV.


but Mistborn and me?  We're tight.  Besties.


Had a long discussion today with my husband about Ruin + Pres = Harmony, so I figured I'd join the site where other nerds are.  

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I'm pretty hard to miss - I've got waist-length red hair.  Plus my screen name will be my badge name.


....and there is a greater than zero chance that I will be wearing an armored Jean Grey costume at least one day of con.  :ph34r:

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There's nothing specifically planned as of yet, but that doesn't mean we could do something.  There'll be four or five of us there, I think.

If it was in any way feasible for me to go then I would, sadly I'm on the other side of the planet. :(

Anyways, welcome to the forums!

Can I interest you in a welcome-cookie? They're high in lots of important minerals like iron.  :ph34r:

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