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Hello, The terms and service, and me not knowing what to write

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My name is Louis and I LOVE Brandon Sanderson's work (especially the Stormlight Archive and Reckoners series)

I was sent her by a friend who kept telling me to make an account for about a year now.

I have been lurking for the past two or three days, so don't try and offer me any cookies of the hemalurgic kind (except for mint oreos. I would take a spike for some of those)

Ive read just about all of Sanderson's books (not novellas. they aren't books) except for white sands and Wheel of time.

Also, if you make a new account, the terms and service actually does give the Hegemon your soul which he uses to buy bagels.

And, um, Stormlight archive is better then mistborn!

Let the hate comments begin.

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Welcome! Have an upvote for your member title, which totally reminds me of Doctor Who. (Soldier: Do you trust this man? River Song: I absolutely trust this man. Soldier: He's not some sort of madman then? River Song: I absolutely trust this man.) XD

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Hello, i see you would take a spike for a mint oreo. I've got a batch in the forge *oven that you can have

And yes, Stormlight is better (please don't shoot me)

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