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Using magic systems from other worlds


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I was at the B&N Calamity signing and asked Brandon a question related to using magic systems on other worlds.  I know that some of this is information already known, like I knew that Vasher was staying on Roshar because it's easier to get stormlight than breath.  But what I wanted to know was could you use stormlight to directly fuel awakening while on Roshar.  Here is the audio, and here is the transcript:



Me:  I've seen that you have mentioned that it is technically possible to be able to use one magic system on another planet.


Brandon:  Yes.


Me:  Is it possible to fuel that, like say could you fuel awakening using stormlight, or do you have to bring breaths?


Brandon:  Yes, you could.  Excellent question.  Now there are tricks to making it happen on each world.  Some are easier than others, but yes you can.


Me:  So could that allow a loophole to allow to maybe convert from one form of power to another, like from stormlight to breath?


Brandon:  Yes, infact that's part of why Vasher is on Roshar because it's a lot easier to get stormlight than breath.



I had wondered if it was possible for someone to say go from Nalthis to Roshar, use stormlight to awaken something, then travel back to Nalthis and gain a bunch of breath from the item awoken with stormlight.  It sounds like it may be possible, though very difficult and would require knowledge that few people have.

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