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For your amusement...

Mason Wheeler

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The tall, hawk-faced man frowned slightly as the searchers confronted him.  One had dark skin and a sour face, the other was a lighter tan, with a very noticeable scar on his scalp.  The man ran his fingers through his white hair, thinking, then responded to their question, his accent strange and distinctive.


"Woildhoppah?  Hmm... a woildhoppah?  Let's see..."  He opened a pouch at his waist, fingers scooping out a small handful of dust, which he tossed up in the air.  "Does he know Lightweaving, like this?"  The dust briefly formed itself into the shape of a duck in flight.


The two men nodded.  "Yes!"


"And does he have Allomancy, like this?"  The man dropped a coin, adorned with the image of a rabbit, of all things, then Pushed off of it, floating up into the air several feet for a brief moment before coming back down.


"Yes!  Exactly!"


The man nodded.  "And does he have Breaths, like this?"  Color drained from his blue coat, turning it a neutral gray as he spoke in the language of a far-off world to the sash he wore about his shoulders.  The sash stood up, forming itself into the image of a pig, and began dancing around briefly before the man recalled it, and it settled back about his shoulders again and went still.


"That's him! That's him!" the searchers exclaimed.


The tall man shook his head.  "Nope.  Never hoid of him!"

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