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Feruchemical Gold - Potential Immortality


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Okay here goes attempt number two on writing this post after the shardic power of this forum ate my last attempt.


What would happen if a bloodmaker was 100% convinced that he/she should not age past a certain point. And either he is the only one around, or he also convinced everyone else that he/she should not age as well. This could be done a few different ways, through religion, brain washing, who knows... The end goal to all of this is that the cognitive aspect of the bloodmaker is sure that this person should not age.


Once all that is in place, whenever the user taps gold, would it convert his physical body back to the age that the cognitive aspect knows it should be? We have several WoB floating out there that states that almost all magical healing in the Cosmere is done the same way. The investiture reverts the physical aspect of a person back to their cognitive aspect's view of themselves. This is why when Kaladin healed himself with Stormlight, this slave brands did not get removed, he views these as part of himself now. 


I have also read that the spiritual aspect of ones self knows the absolute truth about yourself so this might fight the effect over time, but would it be enough for a bloodmaker that uses gold on a regular basis?


I don't know if i wrote this as well the second time, but I hope you guys get the idea of my theory.

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There is a post similar

But we know that your Soul (Spiritual Aspect, a perfect version of yourself) knows how old are you and pushes yourself through the right age It is the reason for TLR death when his metalmind was ripped off, he uses a massive amount of Youthness to overcome his Soul's push.


With the Gold you can't extend your life too much, because your Cognitive Aspect is made both by Psysical Side envirorment and Spiritual Side envirorment. You can't trick it only with a mental trick.


But you may use the Connection Feruchemy to weak your Connection with your birthdate. This it have to work better to counter the aging.

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You might be able to heal to a certain age with enough cognitive convincing (after all, TLR heals to the age he normally looks like rather than healing his body into a perfectly healthy thousand-year-old) but your soul will snap you back fairly quickly if nothing is done. You will need atium to keep your physical age forcibly anchored at a specific amount.

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