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So... The Sequence and the Suit work for the Set, and there might be a Series involved.


I can't help but feel like this alliteration is important, some kind of hint.


Also, they're off-worlders planning an invasion, right? Everyone else got that from the scene in the prison? Or am I just crazy?

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Actually, aside from them all being collective nouns, these names also have a playing cards theme going on.

SET - This is a generic collective term for cards. Also, it means three of a kind in poker.

SUIT - The set of cards with the same "pips" (Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs or Spades).

SEQUENCE - The set of two or more cards adjacent in rank.

ARRAY - The seven columns of cards dealt at the start of a solitaire game.

SERIES - This is the only term that doesn't seem to have a card game-specific definition (though perhaps I just didn't use the right Google search keywords), but "a series of plays" or "a series of games" can apply to card games.

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Nice catch, Skaa, although right now the mathematical meanings may be more significant, since according to Suit the Series put great value on technological superiority and the red-eyed immortal who spoke to him had a very technical pattern of speech.

Well, code names need not have anything to do with the nature of an organization that uses them. Besides, how does "suit" fit a mathematical theme?

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