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[Secret History spoilers] Marsh Kelsier Wax


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I am wondering what Marsh means in AoL "he does my brother's work, and that is something I feel inclined to encourage." while giving Marasi the book about Hemalurgy.

a. he doesn't know Kel is still around and speaks about justice/fighting against the Set (not very likely after M:SH)

b. Wax is unknowingly working towards Kel's doings (whatever they are, maybe fighting the Set on the Cognitive Realm or with a new body in the real world)

But still, it is not "our work" and "feel inclined to encourage" is not like "I will help with all my power", so Marsh is doing something else - what could that be?

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Well, Secret Histories definitely puts a new spin on that line. I do believe that it is no coincidence that Marsh was in position of Spook's book, the book that we now know was written in part with Kelsier's research. 


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