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Consortium Sequel Kickstarter


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Hidy ho all,


I came to this forum to discuss the Alloy of law books.  And I've had some great discussions based off those novels.


But my main hobby is video games.  I know, your shocked.  A forum go-er, who likes fantasy books, plays video games.  I'm breaking out of all the molds with that sentence. /Sarcasm


But it is true.


I picked up a gem of a game a while back called consortium, and enjoyed it far more then I probably should have.  Story based on the players actions, living universe where things happen even when your not there.  Characters who are funny, and memorable.  Dialog choices that had me laughing hard at character reactions.  This game had just about everything you could want out of a game.


Now the same company is making a sequel to this game over on Kickstarter .  Its gotten some great press from Rock Paper Shotgun, The Escapist, Kotaku, and a few others.  But it could use some more support.


So, I'm asking everyone to go take a look at the Kickstarter page.  And, if you can, throw them a few bucks.

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