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Need help understanding a conversation


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Hello everybody,


I just started 'Shadows of Self' and I love it! Its fantastic. However I am having trouble with Waxillium's conversation with Harmony towards the end of chapter 7 (hardcover: page 134):


She used to be of Preservation. She has moved to being of Ruin. Both are needed


"Murderers are needed", Wax stated flatly.


Yes. No. The potential for murderers is needed. Waxillium, I - the personality you speak to - agree with your indignation....


I understand that being Harmony, in essence, God, that he cannot take sides. I guess I need help understanding Wax's statement that murderers are needed. Is he being a smart ***, comparing murderers, Ruin, and Bleeder?


I was reading and kind of got confused/tangled up in this chapter and I spent some time rereading both 6 and 7 and I wanted to be clear before I moved on.


Any help is appreciated.

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