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Chapter Faces Meanings & Character Connections


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I've seen this brought up briefly in passing, but I think it deserves more of a look.  To my understanding it is pretty much accepted that the masked man face at the beginning of any chapter in the books indicates that Hoid will be in the chapter.  I believe there is one chapter where he isn't explicitly there, but is mentioned by Shallan.  The faces also seem to appear for specific characters as well.  Certain characters seem to always start with at least a same, recurring face (if I remember correctly).


The faces could also, however, be representative of heralds.


So what does this all mean.  Are the faces indicative of characters?  Are they indicative of heralds?  Or is it both?  Could the characters somehow be connected to a certain herald, and what does that mean in the long run?


If this has been answered or discussed elsewhere, sorry.  I couldn't find it.

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