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Written Form of Aonic (or Arelish) Names


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First, a story.


I've been thinking about how to personalize my leatherbound copy of Elantris (which I am yet to order), and one cool idea I had was to figure out a way to translate my name into Arelish and write it with the Aonic alphabet. I was even going to allow for some... Cosmerification of my name, so it sounds more Arelish. I asked Brandon a few questions on Twitter (and, boy, was he steller in his responses!), and it turns out I am probably not going to be able to do that, there is just not enough information in the book (unlike, for example, the women's script from The Stormlight Archive). 


And now, to the point.

What came out of this whole thing, however, was a clarification on how the Aonic alphabet works. In short, it's very similar to how the Hangul alphabet works. Which is something we knew from The Shadows of Self tour, but I have a bit more now. Turns out if you wanted to write your name with it, you would write your "core" Aon (e.g. Aon Ene for Sarene or Aon Rao for Raoden), and then you would add additional symbols (which I will headcanon are the in-world inspiration for the power modifiers) for the extra sounds. So Sarene would be Aon Ene, surrounded in some way by the symbols for 's', 'a', and 'r'. Probably.


The conversation is a little scattered, but you can find most of it here.

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Okay. My first name is Anamaximder, so my core Aon would be:

*checks Coppermind*

There is none. The closest would be Aeo or Aan.

Actually I would just go with Ana, which is what Sarene was originally supposed to be based off of. The list on the copper mind is hardly an exhaustive list, it's simply the ones we, the readers are aware of.

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