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... LudusAnimae! Todesengel!


I'm very curious to see if anyone actually knows what my handle (nickname, screen name, whatever it is called...) actually means! Quite a while ago, I wanted a cool handle for another use, and I decided I wanted to use "mind game" in another language. This phrase was the closest I could find for Latin (I, unfortunately, don't know Latin. This phrase I used is probably horribly conjugated, and probably doesn't even use the right words. Please don't judge!). I think this phrase might also mean "game of life" or even "school of the mind". Does anyone happen to know what it means?


Well, since it seems my name doesn't mean what I thought it meant, I think I'll change it! I know exactly what Todesengel means (I've studied German for quite some time) and I don't think I'll change it. Thanks for the responses Shardlet and Aether!


As for me, I love everything written by Brandon! I have been lurking on this site for at least a year now, and finally decided that it was time to create an account! I can't wait to finally contribute!


I am currently in school, pursuing a Bachelor's in Computer Science. I, like many of you here I'm sure, have about a million hobbies! I can never find time for all of them. I do have a few major hobbies though. I like chess, Rubik's Cube speed solving (also known as speedcubing) (I can also extend this hobby to solving any puzzle in general), thinking (which involves lots of reading and writing), gaming (I'm trying to cut back though, I don't really have time for that anymore...), and spending time with my incredible family (this one is my favorite!).


My wife and I have been married for just over a year, and last month we had our first child! This is most certainly the happiest time in our lives. :)


This about sums up everything about me. I can't wait to get to know everyone here and get involved!

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Welcome Ludus.  Google translate says your name means (at least approximately) 'game of the soul'.  I fed it Mind game and came up with 'ludo mentis'.  In any case, glad to have you with us.  I for one have never successfully solved a Rubik's Cube.  Congratulations on the new baby.  I look forward to hearing your ideas.

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Welcome to the 17th Shard!


I am not well practised in Latin, and given the lack of proper conjugation I am afraid your tag doesn't really have a proper meaning. What you can do, on the other hand, is look at the word-stems themselves. Ludus, as you suggested, means game, something you play with. Animae means that which is "animated" or "brought to life", but can take on any number of meanings. I suggest naming it "game of the soul" as per Shardlet's suggestion or "Living game" or something and calling it a day.


Also, congratulations on your baby!. I suggest reading him Alloy of Law as soon as possible and then move on to Mistborn. She/He'll be a happier kid that way.

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