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If Wheel of Time Characters were Mistborn...

Gamma Fiend

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Heavy Wheel of Time spoilers.

As title implies. If Wheel of Time Characters were in Mistborn world, what combinations of Misting/Ferring or Compounders would best fit them?

My sig obviously already has my answers. But let's discuss this.

Mat double Chromium because in the first 2-3 books he does nothing but basically store his Luck. And then he snaps and can start compounding his Luck like a maniac. And Chromium Allomancy would be useful with Mat's close combat style. Is basically his Foxhead Medallion, but he only needs to smack them and they're screwed. At least close enough to the same effect as his medallion.

Rand and Matt are still iffy for me. What about you guys? What would you place other characters as?

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Based only on the first three books, I'd imagine Rand would be a full blown Mistborn, possibly even one with the same scale of powers that Elend had.

Alendi's journal reminds me of Rand actually. A guy, possibly going insane, with the heroic destiny thrust upon him... But that might just be the fact that that is the traditional story of the fantasy epic.

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Yeah, the general over-power archetype. But for more fun I'm trying to base off more their personality or quirks with misting/ferring combinations.

Rand would basically be storing Feruchemical electrum the whole series... cause he's a pretty depressed dude. But determined at key times. And my sig just says double electrum because being forced by prophecies... the closest thing I could think of would be seeing Electrum shadows... being influenced by those. Meh. Best I can think of.
And (end of book spoilers)

Near the end when Rand has the breakthrough on Dragonmount and comes to term with himself and Lews Therin, he basically kicks into determination overdrive (compounding Feruchemical electrum)

And Perrin...
Allomantic tin for enhanced senses (wolf powers)
Feruchemical pewter to tap strength in his blood-lust battle modes.

Why not?

Although I could see many parallels between Rand and alendi. Just make the eye of the world the well of acension in a MAG game and give him full allomancy, and a electrum ferring. (I just want him always super storing into that so he's just crazy pissy and depressed like in the books)

oh and Ruin is the Dark One, and TLR is Ishmael.


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