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Simple question - in my first read of Mistborn


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Hello all, thanks for having such a nice forum where I can ask a question.


So I'm in the middle of the first Mistborn book, and I'm trying to figure something out, and I can't decide if I missed something or what.  I'm trying REALLY hard to avoid spoilers, which makes simply looking up an answer on Wikipedia or whatever really tricky.  Hoping you can help - this is driving me crazy!


My question is about the ten metals I'm "supposed" to know exist at this point.  Vin has learned to use the eight basic metals, which she knows as:










Plus, she and Kelsier have also used Atium, which he refers to as one of the "higher" metals.  So that's nine.


Kelsier's plan revolves around using a previously-unknown "eleventh" metal.  Now, I know as a fan (because I've seen t-shirts and posters and the role playing game and the like) that there are many more than eleven metals.  But right now, as a reader, I'm supposed to believe there are ten metals, plus one mysterious metal that only Kel has access to.


My question:  What's the tenth metal that I'm missing?  I only count nine that they've used, and Vin doesn't question the fact that Kel is referring to an eleventh metal.  So I'm lead to believe that a tenth metal has been mentioned already, and I either missed it or forgot about it.


If this is a basic question that's easily answered in the FAQs or Wiki or something, I apologize - but as I said, it's hard to Google the answer and not spoil yourself.



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I'm not that far - hard to tell since I'm reading the three-book compendium, on a Kindle... I'm just started Chapter 25, which is at the end of Part 3 out of 5.  The last thing that happened is Vin going with Ham to the garrison to learn more about tin, and then they got the news that their army attacked a garrison north of the city.  Which seems oddly suspicious, to me!


Good to know I haven't just missed it, because I'm sure Gold hasn't been mentioned yet.  I'm just curious why Vin hasn't asked about it - maybe she has and I wasn't paying attention.  I'll come back and revisit the question when I'm further into the book.  Thanks for the answer.


Also, very much enjoying the book.  It's been on my must-read list for a long time, and the holidays are the perfect time to plow through some long-neglected reading.

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