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Theory: The Return of Ruin! [spoilers]

Gamma Fiend

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So I've been thinking. Not sure what the exact quote, but isn't WoB of burning enough Lerasium to become a savant basically akin to acension? My take away from that theory is....

Say someone burned enough Lerasium to become a Savant... they'd have to burn  a lot of Lerasium... pretty much a majority, if not all, of it. Meaning they become the new Preservation, or at least a part of it.

So... say someone did this with Atium? Isn't that supposed to come back somehow? What if somebody started hording all the Atium. Just say they happen to be an Atium twinborn (how cool would that be?!). So they go around burning and investing all this Atium, eventually could they become basically the new holder of Ruin? Or a Sliver or splinter of some sorts? Enough to have it's powers and be influenced by it's intent, at least?

What do you guys think? If not really plausible in books (and I severely doubt that will be happening) then maybe a cool scenario in the MAG?

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1. I suspect that an active Ruin/Preservation/Harmony has the power to thwart this, so it's unlikely to be a good way to usurp a Shard.


2. Lerasium's specific purpose is to re-write your spiritweb, so I suspect it is unique in the "savanthood means ascension" thing. I could be wrong, however.


It has been stated that, unlike the typical allomantic metals, atium provides its own power source, so your spiritweb is being constantly blasted with the power of Ruin. So some odd effect is possible, perhaps even likely. Though keep in mind, 281 men went through 1024 years worth of hoarded atium in a matter of hours. The amount of atium you'd need to achieve savanthood is, likely, all of it. Also, by the time Spook is a tin savant, he burns it literally 24/7, even in his sleep. Atium burns so fast, there's no possible way you could eat enough of it to last you through the night. If the breaks don't invalidate the process of becoming a savant, they surely make it harder.


Though now I'm fascinated to see what someone might dream of while burning atium...

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I think the WoB that you're referring to is more about the amount of Lerasium it would take to become a savant. If you have access to that much Lerasium you basically hold enough of Preservation's body to become the shard, which would mean that whoever holds the shard would have to divest the major portion his or her body.

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