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I love Shardplate and Shardblades!


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I think this concept is awesome.  This was the fastest I have ever read a 1,000+ page novel.  I summon shardblades wherever I go now.  I was in the grocery store yesterday and the person in front of me had to many items for me to be patient with so I summoned my shardblade directly behind his back and he just died.  There was no blood or anything!  It made me so happy!  Then last Saturday I was eating at a fancy restaurant with my family and I probably had to much wine, but it was ok because I was really excited.  Anyway, when the waiter came to give us the check I performed a basic lashing to the table and the waiter and they both fell into the ceiling.  It was so awesome and everyone in the restaurant laughed at him!  I gave him a really good tip because of the way he made me laugh!   I love Shardplate too because I can jump off the roof of my house without hurting myself!

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