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Tablet suggestions?  I am thinking about the NVIDIA Shield Tablet, but I have heard good things about the Nexus 9 as well.  Do any of  you have tablets you really like?  And no, I don't want an iPad.   :P


 EDIT:  I did settle on one, so I don't need suggestions anymore.  Thanks everyone!  :D

 Although, if you have some amazing advice for the others that are sure to follow, feel free to leave it here!  B)

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Nexus 10 is amazing. Despite being a few years old, they've still got better screen resolution than most newer products, even the top of the market models. When I was shopping for my tablet, I came across a fancy, $500+ tablet which everyone was raving about. Most of the comments were about the incredible resolution. I checked the specs, and Nexus 10 has exactly the same quality of screen resolution. You can get them in like new condition for around $200. I've been totally satisfied with my Nexus 10. Never had a problem. It's fast, has a good battery life, is user-friendly... The list goes on. I highly recommend going with the Nexus 10, as the larger screen makes a huge difference.

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What will your primary use be? That will matter a lot.



I have a 2nd Gen Nexus 7 which I love for just about everything because of its portability (fits nicely into my pants pocket) and resolution (reading, surfing, email, games), but when I'm reading comics I sometimes find myself wishing I had just a bit more screen real estate. If you care less about portability then a bigger tablet is nice. If you're going to watch movies you'll want to consider the aspect ratios as well.

I don't know how the HTC Nexus 9 holds up against the Asus Nexus 7 hardware-wise, but  I haven't seen a huge number of complaints.

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I have an Nvidia Shield. I mostly use it to access Youtube, but it's supposed to be used as a gaming tablet. Graphics are nice, but I don't have much to compare it to. It's touchscreen based, so controls for games not designed for mobiles are clunky if you don't have/want a controller. It also comes with a stylus, but sucks as a drawing tablet. I don't think it has any pressure sensitivity, and it's also rather small for direct drawing.

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Well, Samsung Galaxy Tabs are good. You can use them for almost everything (we have a lot of them at work around...).

Galaxy Tab S2 is a good choice. But of Samsung, I like the Galaxy Note 10.1 the most. It comes with a Pen and some special functions, really cool...

I used Sony Xperia Tablets, but don't really like them...


Private (not at work) I use a Sony Duo 13... a 13 inch tablet, and when you open it (slide, not like a normal notebook) you get a notebook / tablet hybrid. As well with a pen, great to draw (with Windows 8, or now, 10). Really love using that. But is really expensive...

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