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Hi, everyone!


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Hello!  I'm new to the 17th Shard.  Well, as a member anyway.  I've been loving all over this forum for quite some time now and I finally decided to join up!  Something tells me I.... I belong here.  :ph34r:


I've read the first Mistborn trilogy three times, The Alloy of Law twice, Shadows of Self once (so far), Warbreaker three times, Elantris twice, and my favorite... the first two Stormlight Archive books (The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance) four times each.  I literally can't get enough Cosmere!  ...and especially The Stormlight Archive!  I've also knocked out Shadows for Silence and Sixth of the Dusk one time each.


Before you say I'm crazy, let me explain. :lol: Mainly, I've read them so many times because I like to come up with theories and pick apart clues Brandon leaves about that larger events within the cosmere and the true identity of many of the masked characters.  Then I like to check other books to see if I was right about certain theories and if other events and storylines reinforce my theories.  My stomach is full on the bread crumbs Brandon Sanderson leaves in these books!  Why?  ...because it's fun.


Don't get me wrong on this cosmere obsession of mine.  I've read Steelheart and Firefight three times each as well, plus Mitosis once.  Those are truly awesome books and I can't wait for Calamity. Let's not forget Legion and Legion: Skin Deep! Brandon Sanderson is the frig'n man!   However, The Stormlight Archive is my baby... and I die a little more each day that passes between cosmere books  :(


Hopefully you guys can be like my support group.  :D

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The reason I came to this site in the first place is because I had theories about the Cosmere, as well as other Sanderson books, that I wanted to share with the rest of those who knew Sanderson books inside and out. I have many theories, and I welcome you to the Shard.

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