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Common Cosmere language?


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Minor spoilers for Way of Kings, and for Warbreaker


So I read Way of Kings first and I know there are two types of language, at least with the Alethi. Their standard written and spoken language, and their glyphs. Reading Warbreaker, I'm at the part where Siri just found out the God King had his tongue cut out and can't read, so she decides to teach him. She starts with the first letter of the first word - Shash. 


Shash is a glyph in WoK meaning dangerous, it is what Kaladin is branded with. Is it a simple coincidence, sharing the same phonetics or something? Or is there more to it? 

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This is something that has been pointed out before.  Brandon was asked about it here.


Basically while people were created on different planets, their creators--the Shards--all share a common origin.  It is only natural for there to be some linguistic similarities.

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