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I'll take a flight to the UK tomorrow, where I'll spend the next three or so months with a laptop rather than the PC I normally use. This wouldn't be a problem, except for the fact that I've forgotten my password due to never actually bothering to type it out after my PC stored it, and I've forgotten the password to the e-mail address I used to make the account. Would it be possible for an admin to tell me my password via message?

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What browser do you use? If it is auto-filled in the form when you visit the login page, you can get it from there. I can guide you through the process or find a manual on-line on how to do it, just say what browser are you on?


Admins are not able to tell what password you use, as it is not stored in the database. The forum database keeps only hashes of our passwords, and it's practically impossible to figure out your password based on the hash.

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In chrome you can just go to the settings menu then show advanced settings and scroll down to the passwords section, there should be a button labeled 'manage passwords' if you click that you can see all of your saved passwords.

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