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Hello world

Ore Father

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Hello Father of Ore, Dungeons and Dragons player that plays as a Dragonborne who's terrible at walking through doors,* reader of several Brandon Sanderson books, and Bondsmith. Welcome to the 17th Shard. We have  a great many good things here. I hope that you enjoy your time here. Please do not attempt to resist the awesomeness of the 17th Shard. Have a good time here. And life.


*This is kind of an inside joke between me and him. Yes, I know him. In real life. And, as a dragonborne, he's terrible at not only going through  doors, but also intimidating people and noticing people even when they are clearly pointed out to him. He kept rolling low numbers. :P Man, that game is fun.

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He might share the same door issues his dragonborn cousins have.


Ah, sweet D&D games... Did Ore Father reach the "Other players: Don't touch my dice, you'll jinx my rolls!" stage already?
He might have failed a real-life roll, by the way. His mysterious air is gone. =P

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