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I was rereading Words of Radiance recently, and I noticed something interesting: early in the book, Bridge Four was hanging around and doing Bridge Four stuff, but an ardent had started drawing them. This seemed odd to Kaladin. The sketch of Bridge Four tattoos, signed Nazh, said that he spent all day following Bridgemen around. In that timeline, Nazh had to have sketched it roughly between when they get the tattoos, and when they march off to fight the Parshendi. My theory is that the ardent was secretly Nazh. My evidence is a bit sparse, but it just seems to fit, to me at least. First of all, that one ardent was the only person to draw Bridge Four, save Shallan, and we know she isn't Nazh. Adding to that, drawing Bridge Four, in general, instead of just individually just seems like an odd thing to do, but what better way to find their tattoos?  Secondly, an ardent is a good disguise for gathering information and such, and Nazh wouldn't be the first worldhopper to do this, as evidenced by Zahel/Vasher. Finally, having to "spend hours watching bridgemen", as the sketch says, instead of just pretending to be an ardent and drawing them, I would imagine is just  Nazh complaining, since Nazh seems fairly smart, and the ardent thing works far better for drawing a precise tattoo pattern. Thoughts? Have I missed anything?



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Interview: Mar 20th, 2014 Chris_from_Warrenton
In the middle of WoR, there's a scene where Kaladin's hanging out in the barracks, and Rock kicks out an ardent sketching them. Is that the guy drawing all the pictures?
Brandon Sanderson
That is Nazh. You've found him. You have discovered Nazh!



WoB number 6 http://www.theoryland.com/intvsresults.php?kw=nazh

:B Congrats!

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All the good theories have already been theorized. :D


Great minds think alike. :) Don't worry if you're reproducing good existing theories. Means you're thinking along the right lines and just need to catch up on other fan theories!

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